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Spot Silver

Silver, another popular rare precious metal in addition to gold, is seeing an increase in demand for silver due to its scarcity and the rising temperature of silver products. The silver market is smaller than the gold market, but it is still a very valuable investment. As with the gold trading characteristics, silver trading is also carried out through a margin mechanism and forms a currency combination with the US dollar. When the global economic situation is shaken by the uncertainty of the dollar, holding silver is also a good investment strategy to avoid risks.

Why choose to trade spot silver?

With functions of reserves value
Violent fluctuations bring profit opportunities
A means of avoiding risk
Delivery at any time, easily converted into cash

Trading data

MMDFX offers clients reasonable spreads, the best quotations between international banks, and flexible contract sizes, and allows clients to enjoy risk management of multiple orders and pending orders.
Popular currency pairs
Minimum trade lots
Maximum trade lots
Maximum position
Contract size
Lowest price volatility
Basic deposit
Trading time (GMT+8)
5000 (ounce)
6:00 am - 5:00 am in daylight time or 
7:00 am - 6:00 am
Note: Clients need to understand that foreign exchange and CFD margin trading is a high-risk margin investment tool that is only suitable for professional investors and institutions with high investment experience. The account opened by MMDFX allows clients to trade with high leverage. Before opening an account or trading, customers need to carefully consider their risk tolerance and understand that funds invested in the OTC market are at high risk.

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